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JUMP Physio Manchester - Sports Injury Clinic

JUMP Physio Sports Injury Clinic Manchester

The key to all successful Sports Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is accurately identifying both the injury and contributory factors as early as possible. Whether your performance is suffering from a persistent injury or you are just beginning your rehabilitation after a lengthy lay off following surgery our sports physiotherapist will work with you in identifying the injury and designing a rehabilitation programme unique to your requirements. At JUMP Physio Sports Injury Clinic we provide individualised treatments, screenings and specific rehabilitation programs.

Our partnership with Pro-Balance Personal Training Gym ensures that every client at JUMP Physio Sports Injury Clinic has access to a comprehensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy program in a fully equipped private city centre gym.

With our extensive experience in physiotherapy comes an openness and honesty. Every so often we come across someone we can’t help or a sports injury that needs further investigation. Our simple rule is if you are not back on the road to recovery after three sessions of physiotherapy we'll quickly investigate why and refer you on for further investigations with the relevant experts. Our goal is to get you back doing what you love, as quickly as possible.

At JUMP Physio Sports injury Clinic we provide:

  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • Sports Massage
  • Assessment and rehabilitation in a fully equipped gym
  • Hands On Sports Injury Assessment and management
  • Personalised Exercise Programmes
  • Acupuncture
  • Sports Strapping
  • Referrals to Sports Physicians and Consultants in Manchester for further investigations
  • Club Discounts
  • Athletic screenings

For further information about the services we offer at JUMP Physio or to book an appointment please contact us at