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JUMP Physio Manchester - Pilates


At JUMP Physio Manchester, Pilates exercises are used to complement our soft tissue work and to help improve posture, flexibility and control. The benefits of these improvements on sporting performance are obvious, but we also found that Pilates helped people who weren’t trying to run marathons, swim lakes or cycle mountains but who simply wanted to move without pain. These findings are backed up by research that shows that deep abdominal exercises similar to those used in Pilates can help decrease back pain.

Pilates is a system of exercise devised and named after Joseph Pilates. Pilates exercises were used by dancers in the United States in the 1960’s to maintain flexibility and improve muscle tone and strength. As well as improving performance it was observed that Pilates helped to reduce the dancer’s risk of injury and so became a fundamental part of their training.

Pilates is now a widely used method to help reduce injury and improve performance across a broad range of professional sports and disciplines from ballet dancers to rugby players from concert pianists to ultra marathon runners.

At JUMP Physio we currently offer over 10 Pilates classes a week as well as one to one sessions in Manchester city centre. We aim to accommodate all levels from beginner to advanced, and cater for injured adults, sports rehab, general posture improvements, medical referral, elite athlete training and those managing back or joint pain.

  • We provide Pilates Rehab classes as a form of rehabilitation for people looking to manage back pain and improve range of movement.
  • We provide Pilates Fitness classes for people who want to improve flexibility, power, muscle tone, posture and performance.
  • We also offer Pilates one to one sessions on the Pilates Reformer and Mat.

To book an appointment or make further enquiries about classes please e-mail us at

To view a list of available Pilates Classes at JUMP Physio please see our class timetable.