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JUMP Physio Manchester - Pilates Rehab Class

Physiotherapy Pilates Rehab

Pilates Rehab classes focus on helping people with existing pain get back exercising again. We use the evidence and research available that exercise programmes (such as Pilates) designed and developed to strengthen the stability muscles of the spine and pelvis can reduce back pain and help prevent its reoccurrence.

Our Pilates Rehab classes modifies traditional Pilates exercises so that any potentially aggravating movements in traditional Pilates are removed. The classes use a range of small Pilates equipment including resistance balls, magic circles and foam rollers to progress from static stabilisation to more dynamic functional stabilisation as able. Pilates exercises can be modified to specifically cater for a number of conditions including

  • Low back pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Poor Posture

We ask that everyone wishing to attend our Pilates Rehab classes initially attends a one to one with the physiotherapist before attending a Pilates Rehab class. This allows us to assess your strengths and weaknesses individually and ensures that the exercises prescribed will be of maximum benefit to you. Our Pilates Rehab classes have a maximum of five participants per class ensuring you receive constant supervision and tailored instruction.

To view a list of available Pilates Classes at JUMP Physio please see our class timetable.

To book a class or a one to one session or make further enquiries please e-mail us at

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all scheduled appointments and Pilates classes at JUMP Physio. If you fail to cancel within this period, you will be charged the full amount. Please understand that we must enforce this policy strictly. Our instructors are compensated on a per-client basis and have made a time commitment to our clinic. We thank you for respecting this policy. There are no exceptions.