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JUMP Physio Manchester -  Physiotherapy


At JUMP PHYSIO we have years of experience successfully providing physiotherapy (physio) to people with all different types of conditions ranging from serious injuries to troublesome aches and pains. We tailor our treatments to the individual: there is no set formula.


This is the most important part of finding out what is wrong , how it is affecting you, what your goals are and what types of treatments are right for you.

We use our experience to find out not just what is wrong but why and what needs to change to get you better and back doing all the things you enjoy as quickly as possible.

We watch and examine how you move. We confirm what is wrong and the reasons why by analysing and testing your muscles, joints and nerves. We explain to you what we find and how to treat it.

We stretch the tight bits, loosen the stiff bits and strengthen the weak bits. We select the most appropriate level of treatment for your presentation based on your pathology, history and the severity and irritability of your symptoms. All our treatments are guided by the latest research in physiotherapy, biomechanics and pilates. We continually analyse your progression to ensure you are improving as planned.

In order to speed your progression and rehabilitation we provide you with specific exercises tailored to your goals and provide advise on ways to avoid a recurrence.