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JUMP Physio Manchester - John Glover

John Glover is a Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and an SMA level IV qualified Sports Massage Therapist.

John qualified as a fitness instructor in 2008 and still continues with his early goals of increasing his knowledge and skills to help everybody become fitter, stronger and healthier. In 2009 he completed his Level 4 advanced Personal Trainer course before his passion for rehabilitation led him to Physiotherapy where he qualified from the University of Salford with a BSc first class honours. 

Over the course of his undergraduate training John gained valuable experience working in musculoskeletal outpatients and as a sports massage therapist to various teams including the French National Lacrosse team during the world championships in Manchester 2010. 

John's own sporting interests are varied but his regular training revolves around Cross Fit a strength and conditioning program described as "constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements"