The Running Clinic


Last night JUMP Physio in association  with Pro Balance Personal Training Gym held the first running clinic at the pro Balance Gym on Jacksons Row.  The idea of the running clinic is to identify potential problems in runners by doing a short video analysis on the treadmill followed by some muscle length tests on the plinth. Although by no means a fully in-depth analysis  (last night we averaged about 15 minutes with each runner) everyone I think got some valuable advice on areas to work on over the next few weeks and hopefully some tips to take away to prevent further running injuries

There were no surprises on the night with the most common weaknesses in the running population all making an appearance. These included weak gluteus medius muscles, tight Iliotibial Bands (ITB), tight gastrocnemius muscles and poor lumbo pelvic control. Although nobody turned up last night complaining of pain or injury we still found quite a few asymmetries in running gait and some large muscle imbalances.  Thanks to Andy Jeffries on the night for explaining and demonstrating the corrective exercises with the runners.   

I’ll send out a pdf with those exercises  Andy Jeffries went through last night during the week to everyone who attended. We hope to run a similar clinic again over the next few weeks.