New Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic

Please forgive this non clinical blog.

After 3 years in our old clinic and 6 months of telling everybody we were moving, we at JUMP Physiotherapy have finally moved to a bigger space. No new maps are needed, no change of address required and no new telephone number. We are still situated in the same building on the same floor just in the office next door.

Why have we moved? When you see our new bigger clinic it’ll all become obvious. We  now have available a separate Pilates studio, Physiotherapy clinic and Sports Therapy room. The new Pilates studio means we’ve been able to offer more Pilates classes (see our class timetable) as well as add to our Pilates large equipment. We now have a Pilates reformer and tower of power, a Combo chair as well as a Pilates Arc on top of all our small equipment. The Pilates studio also doubles as a Rehabilitation area for our Physiotherapy clients. So we now have an even bigger gym area for post surgery rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

We hope to be able to announce shortly a Sports Therapist and Masseuse joining our team who’ll be available for regular weekly appointments. Kieran O’ Donovan continues as our clinic’s Lead Physiotherapist, Naomi Gill continues as our Womens’ Health Physiotherapist and Andy Bond continues as our Pilates Instructor as normal. To coincide moving to a bigger Physiotherapy clinic we also launched our new website recently (JUMP Physio). Please let us know what you think. You can now follow us on Twitter @jumpphysio and @jumppilates . For those of you who don’t tweet.. we now have a newsletter you can subscribe to. Our monthly newsletter will contain updates on any new classes, special offers (yes they will be special) as well as providing, tips from our  Pilates, Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy teams. We don’t send spam or use existing e-mail addresses to contact you about changes and offers at our clinic so this will be our way of letting you decide how much information you’d like from us.


Of course all of these changes are done to enhance the experience of everyone attending JUMP Physio whether it is for Physiotherapy, Pilates or Sports Therapy so please let us know what you think of the space and of your experience here. Suggestions on how to improve are always taken on board.


JUMP Physio



New Pilates Class at JUMP Physio

As interest in Pilates and its benefits in improving fitness and preventing injury continues to grow at our clinic in Manchester we have decided to add a another evening class to the calendar. Starting from Tuesday 1st June Andy Bond will be leading a new evening Pilates class from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. We have now also started one to one sessions on the Pilates Reformer. Bookings can be made in the usual way by calling us on 0161 228 6582 or e-mailing your interest to . A full calendar and list of classes is now available on the Pilates calendar on our website.

Pilates Fitness

One week into covering Andy’s Pilates Fitness classes and I am really enjoying it.
Thanks to everyone for their comments and feedback after the classes. I‘ve taken the opportunity of Andy’s absence to introduce a new piece of Pilates equipment. The Magic Circle provides gentle to moderate resistance during pilates exercises. It also provides feedback to the body aiding proprioception and muscle recruitment. As you may have guessed they also make the exercises a hell of a lot harder!

Disappointed at the weekend with the Rugby results especially Scotland coming and plundering our farewell party at Croke Park. Maybe the Irish rugby team need a little more steel…. Check this link out of a  rugby club trying some pilates. There seems to be a little bit too much heavy breathing going on here. It is good to see more and more Rugby teams identifying the benefits of pilates to  injury prevention and performance. Andy and myself hope to add a reformer to the JUMP Physio clinic in the end of April. This will hopefully allow us to provide a greater number of options in terms of rehabilitation and pilates.

Pilates Update.

On Saturday morning I attended Andy Bond’s Advanced Pilates class, (more like Pilates Bootcamp!). Tough class but I really enjoyed it. Thanks Andy.

Andy is now off for 6 weeks to California where he is getting married to Shelby. We wish them both all the  best for the future and look forward to their return in the middle of April. While Andy is away  I’ll be taking his Pilates Classes as normal. On his return we hope to be adding some more classes during the week.